Friday Funnies

Priceless Pug.

Get a burner phone…Story of Serena’s life. Part II should be:

“Oh, the house is on fire?”
“I’m sorry, I’m not working today.”

New York Humidity

Found here.

Its “a little” funny.

This is essentially how The Art of Being Sedentary was formed.



Eat Your Heart Out

Now that it’s getting warmer and the sun shines longer, there is more time to spend outside after work! And we have just the thing for your gallivanting…

The Heart Part!

How CUTE are these? They would be great for a picnic in the park or for snacks on the beach or stuck in pieces of cake at a wedding. We are obsessed! If you aren’t totally sold by the photo above check out the video below. Check them out and order them today!

Isn’t that video the best?

The Weekender – The Best of Times

Hi All! Things have been a little hectic in the last couple weeks. Laura finally got the piece of paper she had been working so hard for and Serena learned how to be a professional “stealer of seats” and “friends and family wrangler.” It’s been the best of times. We’ve celebrated, indulged, dinned, danced, swam, and lazed around about every chance we get.

This weekend was no different. With a few other friends in tow, we ventured down to Maryland for the most relaxing weekend yet.

We had great company (cats included) and spent the weekend soaking up the sun. Since we spent most of the weekened lazying around there isn’t too much to report, however, we did manage to fit in some amazing meals and summer cocktails.

One of our fellow guests from nosurefooting made us this scrumptious cocktail:

* 1 part gin
* 2 parts lemonade
* a healthy dash of champagne
* muddle blackberries with a pinch of sugar for the bottom of each glass

It was pretty darn tasty.

For one of our dinners we put together a lime and thyme crusted tuna, grilled veggies, and corn on the cob. Double YUM.

Photo by Jason Maymudes

Serena adapted this recipe for the Tuna rub:

For the rub
2 teaspoons of dried thyme leaves
2 teaspoons of sesame seeds *
1 teaspoon of ground mustard
1 teaspoon of ground pepper
a pinch of salt

Additional ingredients
Fresh Ahi Tuna steaks
Zest and juice from one lime
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Stonewall Kitchen’s Carmelized Onion Mustard

First Serena sliced the Tuna steaks into strips about an inch thick and three inches long, rubbed the strips with olive oil and let them sit for an hour. Then we dipped the strips in Stonewall Kitchen’s Carmelized Onion Mustard and smothered the strips in the rub. Next, in a cast-iron skillet heat up the EVOO and place the strips in the pan, flipping each strip after about 30 seconds. Don’t let the tuna cook too long or it looses its moisture and yummy pink center.

To top off our food and drink, Laura made these YUMMY oatmeal cookies.

Photo by Jason Maymudes

We were all sad to see the weekend come to an end so we took a few last dips in the creek and headed out. The only thing that made the hot afternoon drive better was knowing we would be back soon. Oh, and having the windows down and the music turned up.

Photo by Maggie Shapiro

Look out for our new Weekender Series. Whether it is to another country, state or just a different part of the city, every weekend we’ll let you in on one of the best secrets to surving summer living in NYC: letting the heart “grow fonder” and leaving. We’ll let you in on fun places to go near by and fun places to go far away. And because leaving the city isn’t always an option we’ll share some ways to avoid the heat and tricks for creating the perfect ‘stay-cation.’

Photos by Jason Maymudes

Till then, stay cool!

May Flowers

Its getting warmer!!

Spring is steadily creeping into summer and New York City is blooming with sunshine and humidity. On Laura’s street the trees are full and green, giving shade and showering down flowers. Serena’s office is near the flower district in Chelsea. Each little store pours out onto the sidewalk so that the streets are littered with foliage. Tiny passageways are carved out in the vegetation.

There are flowers and trees and plants everywhere! Sometimes we forget about nature living in the concrete jungle. Whether it is for sale or rooted to the ground it’s all free to look at. It makes the city seem like happier place.

 The displays outside decorate the city but the stores inside have a whole world of their own … There are treasures upon treasures in these stores…

So say you aren’t just some casual stroller doing flower gawking. You want to bring something home with you, but you don’t want to enjoy it for a week before you sadly have to pitch the wilted greens. If you want what Serena likes to call the ‘real goods’ in the flower district you’ve got to peek inside the tiny florist supply stores that line 28th Street (between 6th and 7th). They have little baskets or boxed to decorate your home, some are prime for a little DIY sprucing up.

Their ‘spring collections’ are bright and colorful buckets and watering cans, perfect for your balcony, deck or back porch. If you don’t have any of these, like most New Yorkers, you could use the buckets for plants on your fire escape or in your kitchen as trashcans, or to bring a little color to your livingroom. They have tons of ribbon and paper too. It’s the best. Laura personally wants to buy that wooden hedgehog as a “new friend” for the cat. We’d bet she’d love it.

How cool would a bunch of these glass bulbs look above your bed or diningroom table? 

After seeing all of the amazing pots and baskets we both want to fill our apartments with plants! Even just a small plant nestled in the corner of a room can make you feel like you’ve given your apartment a fresh coat of paint. Next time you are looking to spruce up your home or apartment check out the flower district. You might have to scour through piles of lawn ornaments but we promise you’ll find some must have treasures! If you don’t feel like shopping then just take a walk and enjoy the May Flowers out on display. Just be careful when you stop to smell them you don’t get bowled over by another pedestrian!

Whose Hair?

Serena is WAY over due for a new haircut. She’s been rocking the same ‘do’ or, really, lack there of a ‘do’ for the last two years. After a drastic waist to shoulder cut two years ago her haircut has been a little stale. If anyone has suggestions she is open to them… Serena’s favorite hairstylist packed up and moved West leaving Serena without hair-spiration.

In Serena’s quest for a hair revelation she stumbled upon Whose Hair? by Christina Christoforou. This entertaining book showcases over 100 drawings of notable hair. As you flip through you guess whose who and their names are in the back! Here are a couple of excerpts… Can you guess who owns the ‘do?’


Click on the question mark to see whose who.

Serena also stumbled across this poster series by Patricia Pova that also highlights some famous hairstyles. Pretty neat huh?

Anyone have any suggestions for what Serena should do with her hair? She’s all ears (and split ends)!