We can’t believe that we haven’t done a beach day post! Serena has been running off to the beach any chance she gets and overtime has accumulated a hefty wishlist of beach amenities (and an awesome tan!). We’ve been a little lax on our ‘weekender’ series but look out for a beach post of places to escape to near NYC.

Here’s the dream beach set-up:

Surf’s Up!

1. Easy to spot beach umbrella! (This isn’t necessarily unique but its cute!)

2. Bright beach towel for baking-in-the-sun lounging

3. Sunglasses. A beach MUST.

4. Wicker beach chair! With a roof! This might be hard to lug around but it looks awesome!

5. Beach wine glass holders; stick them in the sand and get your drink on!

6. OR this awesome bamboo table for beachy drinks and snacks

7. *Cute* summer swimsuit that shows off your curves from Old Navy

8. Waterproof iPhone case for crazy underwater pics! Seen here.