Serena is WAY over due for a new haircut. She’s been rocking the same ‘do’ or, really, lack there of a ‘do’ for the last two years. After a drastic waist to shoulder cut two years ago her haircut has been a little stale. If anyone has suggestions she is open to them… Serena’s favorite hairstylist packed up and moved West leaving Serena without hair-spiration.

In Serena’s quest for a hair revelation she stumbled upon Whose Hair? by Christina Christoforou. This entertaining book showcases over 100 drawings of notable hair. As you flip through you guess whose who and their names are in the back! Here are a couple of excerpts… Can you guess who owns the ‘do?’


Click on the question mark to see whose who.

Serena also stumbled across this poster series by Patricia Pova that also highlights some famous hairstyles. Pretty neat huh?

Anyone have any suggestions for what Serena should do with her hair? She’s all ears (and split ends)!