Three weeks ago Serena high-tailed it to Atlanta, GA. Open roads, beautiful rest stops, too much fastfood and nineteen driving hours later Serena and her car made it to the perimeter and she knew she was home. Unfortunately, Serena didn’t take too many photos of her drive or her brief stay.Fortunately, for all of you who make to ATL in the next couple years she did bring back some photos of morning meal mastery… Rise n’ Dine in Decatur.

Rise n’ Dine is Serena’s favorite brunch/breakfast/lunch stops in Decatur. Kitty-corner from the Emory Campus, Rise n’ Dine offers the BEST selection of breakfast foods with the cutest darn decor. It is always busy but so worth the wait!

How awesome is the “coffee-while-you-wait” set-up below?

The food is UNREAL. There is a such a wide variety of food it is hard to pick just one entre. If you feel up to it, hold off brunch-ing till late in the afternoon, build up your appetite, and dive into the menu headfirst… order everything and share it with friends… YUM.