French photographers Laurent Laveder and Sabine Sannier craft fantastical photographs using the moon. Their work is esquisit! Their book Quartier Libre, which is only available in French, pairs the poems and musings of 19 authors with their photographs.

Their book looks awesome and would look so nice on our coffee tables!
These postcards are also a tempting purchase…
They’d look so sweet lined up around the ceiling of a bedroom.

For more information about Laurent and Sabine’s work check them out here.

Serena’s older family members were big fans of The Honeymooners so we felt like we needed to sneak this in here.

Russian photographers, Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov, did a similar series of photographs in 2005 using a half moon in Moscow.

Serena loves this last one.

Laura has always wanted to spoon with the moon.

Felt the need to throw this in here too.
Who doesn’t love Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the adorable Audrey Hepburn?

Happy Monday!