Yesterday, the Census Bureau released the data collected from the 1940 census. Nineteen-forty; when Winston Churchill became British Prime Minister, the first Social Security checks were mailed out, Gone With the Wind was named best picture, and when Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller and the Andrews Sisters topped the music charts. With all the information unleashed you now have the opportunity to find ancestors, friend’s families, and track your family tree in 1940. Now, you can find out how much they made and how they made it or what the demographic of your current neighborhood might have looked like back then.

Check out the site and some interesting stats here.

Life was different. Here are some TIME Magazine covers from 1940! The first cover from January 1, 1940 is of Joseph Stalin, ‘Man of the Year,” the second Winston Churchill, and the third Ethel Merman. If you have the chance, check out 1940 and scroll through the different covers then jump to 2012 and scroll through… My, my, my how things have changed.

The clothes…
Have they changed?
Have they come back?
You decide…

Found here.

And lastly, LIFE Magazine Covers from 1940. LIFE Magazine has always been fascinating, peeking into the past through magazine print. Then you ask yourself, 72 years from now, is that generation going to be excited by the covers of US Weekly, People, or Cosmopolitan?