Sorry for the delay everyone! I had this all ready to go and forgot to post it!

Combined, the two of us have spent years trying to craft the perfect sleepover. Luckily, we have had each other for practice. Over time, we’ve slowly gathered the appropriate materials, games, drinks, and movies for the perfect girly sleep-over. Now, you might think some of these things are silly but we take them very seriously (particularly the games).

Our Wednesday (Thursday…) Wishlist is dedicated to the perfect sleep-over. Enjoy!

 From Top to Bottom

8. More Adult Pjs
9. Cute Sleeping Bags!
10. Bring It On. A classic
11. Practical Magic. Check this out
12. Mrs. Doubtfire. LOVE
13. A Walk to Remember. Tear, tear.

And because we are such big fans of sleep-overs, here are a couple of fun things that didn’t make the Wednesday (Thursday) Wishlist cut:

Here’s a little journalistic support for our ‘sleep-over or bust’ theory.

A Twisted Game.

Sleep Like an Egyptian.

Fondue Recipes!

Hot Fudge for Sundaes… YUM.

And this….

Happy Sleep-over!