About two months ago a few friends from college decided we should arrange a ski weekend. One of our friends grew up in Stowe, Vermont and was kind enough to let us take over her family house for the weekend. The trip was set. As we got closer to the date and realized that the weekend we were all heading up to Vermont was going to be a record-breaking skiing weekend. Not in inches but in degrees. It was glorious.

There is something special about driving to a destination. That kind of travel can’t be done on mass transit (although we did have every seat filled!). Part of the fun of driving is that you have the ability to stop, take a different route, get taco bell, comment on every funny name you pass, entertain each other with our sillyness, blast throwback mix CDs to sing along to, and get lost. You can’t do those things on trains and planes. We did all of those things.

With Serena at the wheel and Laura at the iPhone you’d think we could do no wrong. Well that would be wrong. As Laura is directing and we continue to drive onto smaller and smaller roads in smaller (creepier) towns. We finally weave our way to the edge and Laura proudly says turn right and we’ll just go over the bridge and be on our way to Burlington. We round the corner and see this (sans boat).

The bridge was a boat. A ferry. It would take us 2 hours or so to backtrack our way to the nearest bridge – or go up to Canada and back. Not a chance. We only had to wait 40 minutes or so. It was lovely. We ate girl scout cookies and watched as a dozen cars pulled in behind us waiting for their turn to board.

Once we finally made it. It was a different world. Thoughts of Lake Champlain turned to thoughts of champagne (YEEAHHH) as we had finally arrived to a little slice of heaven. Laura couldn’t stop remarking “This is real life for some people. REAL LIFE.” We got to live it for a weekend with some of the best people in the world. Also one of the best dogs in the world- Madame Roxanne!  

Even with little to no snow we managed to get some “skiing” in (if you call sliding, falling, bruising, tripping and sledding, skiing). Sugar Bush was beautiful. With the sun shining at a whopping 70 degrees, we suited up and made our way to the slopes. Even though Serena had a blast and the views the top were stunning, skiing is probably not for her; ski-people watching on the lodge deck with a drink and live music was much more her style.

Stowe had a ton to offer besides skiing for those of us who bruise like peaches. All of it involves dairy! Wonderfully delicious dairy. Cabot has a cheese boutique that allow you to sample every type they have. New Favorite Flavor: Horseradish Cheddar.

Ben and Jerry’s is now firmly situated as a plan B, career-wise. If nothing else Laura will try and sneak in underCOWver- one thing Laura also loves about them is they LOVE puns. We’ve never heard so many puns. They even have a graveyard for the flavors that they’ve discontinued. Rest in Pieces my fine flavored friends. If you are ever there we highly recommend the tour. They are an incredible example of a socially responsible business. The documentary nearly made us cry. After all this time Ben and Jerry are still friends! New Favorite Flavor: Milk and Cookies

All in all it was a great time! Can’t wait to go back, snow or shine!

 Photos courtesy of Maggie Shapiro.