The Art of Being Sedentary is under new ownership! Well new co-ownership!!

I have decided to sell half of my shares to and promote Laura to partner in the firm of The Art of Being Sedentary. I have long admired her timeless approach to baking (ie. everything tastes good, cooked with love and butter), her dedication to exploring and probing the airwaves (in hopes of a gentle take over…), her fondness of everything farcical and feline and the fact that she’s one of the smartest people I know helps…A new era begins…. now!

This is going to be a bit awkward at first, and I apologize for that. I don’t really know how to blog. I don’t have a twitter to tell people about blogging and my facebook causes me anxiety. This however is Serena’s creation, and I’m a huge fan of her. I’m also a huge fan of how she runs things around here. It’s very no-stress. Our blogffice has big fluffy bean bag chairs, hallway slip n’ slides and sparkly water coolers with pink limeade in them (we also have coffee because well, Serena comes here a lot). It also has killer snacks. Basically it is pretty cool around here and I think I’m gonna stick around. One of our favorite things to have are these Rice Krispies. They are “Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats“. It’s a mouthful to say but I promise people will keep asking you what’s in them (usually with their mouths’ full). I made them for the first time for a Super Bowl party recently. Since then I haven’t gone to a person’s house without them. Even when it’s mildly inappropriate to bring snacks. Any faux pas is forgiven. People will lift you up and you will crowd surf through the masses. It’s no longer possible to make these in single batches. Even when I triple the recipe they get eaten or scooped into baggies and traded on the Krispie black market.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but seriously these are a no-brainer now. I haven’t actually been to the Kripsie black market but I do know that making these in a single recipe batch is quite possibly the single biggest Krispie-related mistake you will make in your life. The second will be only hearing about this recipe now.

It’s Too Good To Fail (TM pending).

To start this mission you will need:

* an 8×8 glass pan (I’ve used 9×13 even on a single batch and it turns out just as lovely with shorter pieces)
* 10 oz bag of marshmallows
* 6 cups of Rice Krispies
* 1 Stick of unsalted butter (plus a little more to grease the pan)
* 1/4 tsp HEAPING with sea salt (The really coarse kind)

Now we set things out and take pretty pictures of them (you may skip this step).

First grease the pan so you won’t have any problems getting the treats out later.

Then get that butter in a saucepan (bigger is actually better here). Don’t set it on too high, you want to take this nice and slow (I would recommend using a pan that isn’t black until you get the hang of it first – it’ll be easier to notice the browning). You are going to “Brown That Butter” (you may also want to say that in a wheel of fortune style shout out). While the butter is still melting put your Rice Krispies in a bowl and toss with the sea salt.

DON’T LOOK AWAY FROM THE BUTTER FOR TOO LONG! It melts. It’s yellow. It foams. It’s clearish. It starts to turn brownish. It smells nutty and awesome. If you aren’t using a nonstick pan you do want to take your spoon and just kind of continually scrape the bottom as you go. The brown butter doesn’t really turn color as a whole but creates a brown sediment at the bottom. It will only take about a minute to fully brown so be careful it doesn’t burn.

Then you turn off the stove and add the marshmallows (the residual heat should melt them but if not, just turn it back on low if it doesn’t mix well after 5 minutes or stirring).

Your arm is going to hurt a bit; churning marshmallows is not for wimps. As you add all of the marshmallows and you start folding the butter into them the marshmallows will end up looking like melty vanilla bean ice cream. (This is normal, it’s just the brown butter flecks).

Yum. Once it is smooth, gradually add the Rice Krispies and fold into the marshmallowy goodness. Again working pretty fast so you have time to shape it.

I like to save the butter wrapper and use that to help form the deliciousness as I pour it into the pan. A piece or parchment paper or a damp spatula will also keep it from sticking to the mass. You don’t want to crush the Krisipes, just guide them into filling out the pan and evening out the top a bit. Easy does it.

Hi. So this is where it gets hard. You need to wait for it to cool. Otherwise cutting it is a big mess. I’m speaking from experience. When they are cool you can cut them however you like. Even if you make the whole thing and when it comes down to the cutting you only come out with 4 Rice Krispies, I won’t judge. Again, speaking from experience.

Now go. Impress people. Tell them we say hi.