*There are some new and exciting changes coming to The Art of Being Sedentary…* *LOOK OUT!*

Despite the warm weather, the time change and the rain were bringing me down this morning and I felt a little bit like this…

Or…like this…

But now its sunny and beautiful out and I feel like this…!

Chris Piascik is the genius behind these emotive drawings. Armed with a Sharpie, Chris draws and posts quotes, comedic phrases, serious thoughts, political reflections, or pretty much anything else that comes to his mind and through his fingertips. I originally stumbled on Chris’s work on Society6 and recently purchased the print below for a friend’s birthday, needless to say it was a HUGE hit.

In December of 2011 Chris completed his 1000th drawing! In completing such a feat Christ decided to piece together his work into a book. Chris hopes to find it on coffee tables sometime in March… I hope it’ll be on mine! Find out more information here!

Here are some of my favs… and the rest can be found here, here, or here.
Check it out.

-From the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



Second Best.

I leave you with Chris in action… Happy Tuesday!

Chris Piascik from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.