It is yet another BEAUTIFUL day in New York City! What I would give to be outside basking in the sun. If you are in New York City and you don’t have work today, go out and do something crazy! This is the kind of day where you take a picnic on the Circle Line or head to the New York Botanical Gardens to the see Orchid Show or take a high-flying class at the Trapeze School! Okay, so my options for ‘doing something crazy’ aren’t too wild but, hopefully you get the general gist.

These guys, known as Skyliners take ‘do something crazy’ to the next level. I Believe I Can Fly follows the wild adventures of the Skyliners in their quest to push the boundaries of their extreme sport. The movie is definitely worth watching and can be purchased here.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.

On a lighter note, on a not-so-beautiful day, and you’re looking for some silly TV to fill your free time, check out MTV’s the “The Buried Life.” The show is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Four friends travel all over the United States trying to accomplish tasks from their ‘bucket list’ and for every task they attempt they pick someone with a goal and help them achieve it. These guys do some epic shit.

They are coming out with an awesome book soon too!

So… now that you have read this post, go out and enjoy the day! Even if it is after work or during your lunch break or at midnight, go do something crazy,  even if it scares you! 

I think Julian Bialowas agrees…