Today is International Woman’s Day.

All over the world people are celebrating the accomplishments in, and recognizing the continued neglect of, woman’s rights. I am choosing to celebrate International Woman’s Day by honoring my very own ‘International Woman,’ my mother. My mother is the epitome of a ‘International Woman’ in that she has been EVERYWHERE and that she is the ultimate example of what strength, hard work, dedication, opportunity and love can produce; the ultimate Wonder Woman.

I can’t thank her enough for being my ultimate role model. She is by FAR the smartest person I know. She has blazed a trail in my professional interests that I merely hope to trail behind. She has supported me in every decision (well, almost) I’ve made and been there to turn me around when I choose the wrong path.  She has worked tirelessly to help others, never taking no for an answer if it isn’t warranted. She has a MILLION pages in BOTH of her passports (no she’s not a dual citizen). She has allowed me to explore the world and the fascinating and beautiful people and places it has to offer. She argues with me when I’m being unfair or unjust and she concedes when she knows I’m right. She loves my friends and absorbs them into her never-ending brood; caring for them and watching out for them as an extension of loving me. And most of all, she has put up with me for twenty-three years! Anyone capable of that deserves a million accolades and utmost respect.

You’re the best mom.