I am not a big clothing shopper. I like clothes and shoes as much as the next girl but spending hours searching through racks, hopping from store to store, stripping in dressing rooms just to find out it doesn’t fit or look right is NOT my cup of tea. However…

I recently went shopping with a friend and ended up falling in love with these flats (in bright orange!), these pumps and this shirt (the blue one). So much for not being a big shopper.

I’m in LOVE with color.

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist is dedicated to
SPRING (its a beautiful day in NY) and the bright colors it brings!

1. Mint Green Skinny Jeans
2. Orange Pants!
3. Electric Blue Slacks
4. Mini Triangle Necklace
5. Bebe Chiffon Color Block Shirt      (I’m obsesed with this shirt!)

7. Forever21 Green Shoes
8. Bright Butter London Nail Polish
9. Mint Green Chiffon Shirt
10. Bright Umbrella for April Showers!
11. Tori Birch Orange Flats