I am not a baker. I have always known that I can sort of cook, if I follow easy recipes or watch friends but, I have no instincts when it comes to desserts. Yesterday, while I trolled food blogs and recipe websites I stumbled upon this. It looked SO easy and required so few ingredients I was sure I could do it. My biggest fear was the dough…

I am always amazed by people who can make fluffy, delicious pie crusts (I was always a store-bought crust girl). As nervous as I was I followed the recipe as best I could; mixed, tossed, and blended the dough into a four-inch disk and tucked it away in the freezer.

Preparing the apples were easy. 1. Peel and core 2. Slice 3. Toss in butter and sugar 4. Voila! You have your galette filling!

Magically, the dough made it out of the freezer, and on to the baking sheet, and rolled in to crust without too much difficulty! I placed the apples and it was time to bake!

I am THRILLED with how the galette turned out. The apples were soft and juicy and the outside was crisp and golden brown. For my first ‘from-scratch’ baking experience (that wasn’t chocolate chip cookies) I am pretty pleased. The recipe is kitchen-impaired friendly and requires few baking skills. Next time you want to bring your new neighbor an apple pie, I’d definitely recommend this!

With a glass of champagne, good company, and an apple galette, what else do you need?