Seeing Spots?


Artist Damien Hirst is. Since 1986, Hirst has produced over 1,400 spot paintings and three hundred of these paintings are currently on display at Gagosian galleries around the world.  Of the three hundred paintings, Hirst has reportedly only fully painted 5 of them but is heralded for the creative genius behind the works. Here are some of his pieces;

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The above found here.

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Awesome Damien Hirst clock!

Hirst isn’t the only artist seeing spots. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has always had an obsession with spots. Kusama is known for her ‘obsessive’ and repetitive artwork. Using sculptures and various spaces her work stimulates an observer with bright colors and varying sized dots. She has worked with Louis Vuitton and is currently collaborating with Marc Jacobs for a new collection. Check it out!

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