Happy New Year All!

With the weather in New York City dropping quite suddenly, I’ve started 2012 with a bit of a head cold. Here are some wonderful things to keep you warm this January:

This sweater is ADORABLE and is bound to be warm.

This soup from Smitten Kitchen lookings SO yummy!

Now, some people might find Hoodie Footies a little childish but, speaking from experience, they are the warmest thing out there!

If you are feeling a little under the weather a Hot Toddy does wonders!

If you do venture out into the cold go see Pina. This beautiful tribute documentary by members of the Tanztheater ensemble celebrates the life and work of Pina Bausch, an innovative German choerographer.

Make yourself laugh. When I’m feeling cold and in the dumps a good laugh always makes me feel better. Found here. And here.

And if all else fails, curl up on the couch and take a nap.