I’ve always wanted to make peppermint bark and finally had the time and supplies to do it this year. I found this recipe on Your Cup of Cake and LOVED the idea of having little peppermint bark circles. BUT it is not easy!


– One bag of white chocolate chips
– One bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
– 8 candy canes
– Cupcake tin
– Cupcake Wrappers! (There are some adorable ones here and here.)

How we do…

First you have to mash-up your candy canes. I found that the best way to do it, without making too much of a mess was to put the candy canes in a plastic bag and place the plastic bag on a dish towel. Then, place another dish towel over the plastic bag and hammer away!

After you’ve hammered out the candy canes you’ll need to separate the powder from the little bits and pieces. I used a fork to lift out the larger pieces and it worked really well. A friend of mine later recommended using a flat cheese grater as a sort of sieve.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a double boiler so I created a makeshift boiler using two different sized pots.

After the chocolate starts to heat up a bit you dump the candy cane powder in and stir the chocolate frequently. This is where things get tricky. Once the chocolate chips melt you begin to spoon out chocolate into the cupcake wrappers in the cupcake tin. With each spoonful you need to flatten each dollop trying to make the chocolate as flat as possible in the bottom of the cupcake wrapper. You have to move quickly or the chocolate will start to burn. It helps to have a helping hand or two! After all the chocolate has been spooned into the cupcake wrappers stick the cupcake tins in the fridge. It takes about twenty minutes for the chocolate to cool properly. You then repeat the entire process with the white chocolate chips.

Once the white chocolate has been added, sprinkle the larger bits of candy cane on top. Stick the cupcake tins back in the fridge and wait for the chocolate to cool.

Once the chocolate cools pop them out of the cupcake wrappers and you’re done! They are super yummy and look great on any holiday plate!