Before Christmas, I was searching the internet for cute New Years crafts and stumbled upon Something Turquoise. I decided that these adorable champagne glasses would make amazing New Years/Holiday gifts.


– 8 Champagne Glasses (or however many you would like to make!)
Martha Stewart’s Craft Paint in Glitter (Make sure you get the craft paint and not the acrylic)
– Gold or Silver Glitter Nail Polish (The nail polish I found had varied sizes of gold and silver dots and I really liked the effect!)
Martha Stewart Craft Pouncers

I made two different kinds of champagne glasses. I wasn’t able to find the Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Gold Glitter so I stuck to the nail polish on the first one.

I applied the nail polish from the base of the glass to about two thirds up the sides of the glasses.

For the green glasses, I applied the Martha Stewart Craft Paint in glitter using the pouncer. I applied a thicker coast of paint on the bottom of the glass and gradually decreased the layers of paint further up the glass. It helps to apply one coat and wait till it dries before applying the next.

After applying the glitter paint I waited two hours for the paint to dry before applying the silver nailpolish.

After both sets of glasses had been set out to dry for over an hour I used Something Torquoise‘s method for making the glitter stick. Place all of the glasses in the oven before you turn the oven on. Set the temperature to 400°. Let the oven pre-heat and run for 20 minutes and then turn the oven off. Leave the glasses in the oven until it cools completely (The glasses will be very hot if you try to take them out before the oven has not fully cooled). Then….


 Happy Almost New Year!!