I realize that the holiday season is quickly coming to a close but, I couldn’t get my act together to post some of the holiday crafts I’ve worked on in the last couple months before the season started. If you are looking for some creative winter holiday ideas for next year here they are!

In the fall my family celebrated my aunt’s 60th birthday by gathering all of her friends and family to eat, dance and toast my aunt’s.

I was charged with putting together ‘center pieces’ for the tables at the Cardinal Bar. If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to spend a ton of money this is an easy way to spruce up any table!


– 12 Regular Mason Ball Jars
– 6 Bouquets (I picked cheap, fall colored flowers)
– Roll of twine
– Roll of ribbon

How we do…

Cut 15 inch pieces of twine and ribbon. Remove the cap from the Mason Ball Jars and tie the ribbon and twine to the top of the jar. Then, cut a selection of flowers and pop them into each jar. Make sure the stems are the right length and don’t topple the jar over!

 They are pretty, cheap and easy!