The High Line is one of the most talked about new addition to public space in New York City. The park runs from West 34th Street all the way down the Westside to Ganesvoort St in the Meat Packing District (Here are some nifty maps of park). Since its unveiling, the r has been a huge success. James Ramsey and Dan Barasch were inspired to revitalize yet another space, The Delancey Underground, by transforming it into a new public park.

The “Low Line” would transform the old trolley station on the Lower East Side into an underground park using technology and skylights to channel light to plants, “We’re channeling sunlight the way they did in ancient Egyptian tombs, but in a supermodern way.”  Sounds like an incredibly innovative project. I wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see it!

Here are some preliminary images of the possible transformation.

Photos courtesy of The New York Times and New York Magazine.

Here’s a quick look at the original construction of the subway where the High Line park lives now.

Jonathon Flemming photographs of the present-day High Line are stunning!

Paddington Reservoir Gardens in Sydney, Australia is another incredible park that transformed an old waterworks reservoir into a beautiful public space.

Photos found here.

I know its cold out there but, if you are in New York City and you have the time, go check out the High Line. Its beautiful even in the winter!