Recently, there has been a fair bit of construction happening in apartments in my building. When an apartment is being renovated the building managers stick a gigantic green dumpster on the street smack in front of the building’s main entrance. This morning, when I headed to work, there were a group of kids dumpster diving; pulling out books, CDs, clothes, furniture, and toys examining them and then proclaiming the item’s worth to one another. When a kid found a buried treasure he’d hop out, run to the sidewalk and place his newly acquired gem in his designated pile. Then quickly, turn back and dive back into the dumpster. I watched them for a while, then left them to their work and hurried along to mine.

The dumpster divers reminded me of an event that I had read about this past May; “Decorative Dumpster Day.” Found here.

Decorative Dumpster Day was set-up for “dumpster diving divas from around the world [to] celebrate their love of trash and the receptacles that hold it.” Essentially, the day calls on artists and dumpster diving lovers to decorate dumpsters to increase their communities awareness of the importance of proper waste disposal and recycling.

The Seattle Street Biennale, an exhibit celebrating graffiti and street art, had a few decorative dumpsters on display. Found here.

art 044

art 043

art 046

In February of 2011, Sweet Dreams Urban Art Festival in Australia featured the Dumpster Biennale, where street artists decorated miniature, wooden dumpsters.


Gary Seaman


Joshua Smith

Dumpster Exhibition

Cool, huh?

All photos of the Dumpster Biennale found here.