In my blogging absence I went to New Orleans, LA, or as everyone fondly calls it there, Nola. New Orleans was wonderful. I had planned to escape to warmer climates for Thanksgiving months ago (turns out we’ve been having a particularly warm ‘winter’ in the northeast) and New Orleans seemed like a new and exciting place to go. IT WAS! It was the perfect place to enjoy good company, good food, and good music! My knowledge of New Orleans before this trip was extremely limited; I knew about the HBO show Tremé, Mardi Gras and Katrina. I had NO idea how beautiful and historic New Orleans would be. The French Quarter consists of adorable Creole Cottages with little balconies that line cobbled streets. The architecture of the French Quarter is preserved in order to protect the areas “historic character.” You can read more about the cities preservation here and here. I loved it! Here are some photos from strolling around town…

I love all of the planters full of flowers and the hanging plants! I thought about decorating my fire escape in New York with these (Not sure that’s legal though!).

The streets of the French Quarter also had gas lamps lining the buildings at night. I also want these for my New York apartment. (I didn’t have a great camera so the pictures aren’t perfect but, they give you a feel of the city.)

I wish I had better photos to show you. I guess you’ll just have to make your way down to Nola and see it for yourself! Look out for posts on the Bayou, the music and the delicious food!