Being a blogger is way more difficult that I had imagined. I disappeared for Thanksgiving and space and interweb time got away from me. BUT I’m back! And I plan to make up for lost time by bombarding you with posts. Here it goes…

Seeing as it is Thursday, I am starting my return with the “Thursdays: Things I want…” (now known as Wednesday Wishlist) series. As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2011 it is the perfect time to buy or appropriate time to gift a 2012 calendar! Here are some adorable calendars that one might want to spruce up their desk or kitchen!

1. Eye Poetry 2012 found here.
2. 2012 Flora and Fauna Calendar found here.
3. Dear Musketeer Calendar found here. (I LOVE her new shop!)
4. Amazing Adventures Ahead 2012 found here.


There’s MORE!

5. Wooden Calendar by Qaa’im Goodwin. It can be used over and over again!
6. Progressive Papercut Calendar. As you flip each month the center picture changes!
7. NPR 2012 Wall Calendar!
8. This Oscar Diaz Ink Calendar slowly absorbs the ink into the paper as the month passes you by. Brilliant!
9. 2012 Mini Calendar found here.

Happy (almost) New Years Everyone!