Everyone has surely has noticed that chevron patterns have overtaken fashion and design.  At home, in jewelery, and in fashion, the triangle (or series of triangles) has become the newest ‘it’ thing. I, too, have been no match for the trending pattern! This “Thursdays: Things I want…” is dedicated to the triangle and the wonderful artists on etsy who facilitate my new obsession.

1. Cascading Triange Necklace at Seaworthy
2. Multi Metal Chevron Earrings by Scarlett Garnet Jewelery
3. Rainbow Bunting Stocking Stuffer Cards sold by rainy day colors
4. Linen Chevron Tea Towel by Erin Dollar
5. Pale Pink Gold Dipped Triangle Necklace by the creator of A Merry Mishap
6. ‘The Sabine’ by the creator of Son of a Sailor
7. Mount St. Helens Printed Postcard Set sold by Megan of Megan Stran Design