A couple of months ago I bought a friend of mine tickets to a Fleet Foxes concert for her birthday. She has always been a big fan of the Fleet Foxes and has wonderful taste in music so I knew the concert would be at least mildly interesting. Mildly interesting? Wrong.

The concert changed my life.

This video of their performance at the Berkeley Greek Theatre is from the same tour we saw at the Williamsburg Waterfront.

I was completely enthralled with the visuals they had chosen to pair with their sound. The digital images flawlessly transitioned and transformed into one another while a starry sky remained translucent over the graphics.

Sean Pecknold, founder of Grandchildren, is the mastermind behind the Fleet Foxes’ visuals. Photographer, film maker and digital artist extraordinaire Pecknold is also responsible for the Fleet Foxes’ Grown Ocean, Mykonos, and White Winter Hymnal (in claymation!) music videos. Check out his photography at his blog, The Universe & You and the more of his work here.

I leave you all with this…

Have a wonderful Thursday!