The morning commute in New York City is awful. Everyone pushes and forces their way through crowded subway stairs and tunnels, competing for who can have the most speedy and hurried transit to work. I often find myself scowling, running, weaving between crowds and forcing myself to squeeze into the last bit of air space on the subways in the morning. As I am crammed up against my fellow commuters I start to doubt my decision to live and work in this city. I look around at all the blank faces and black coats and feel like I am being absorbed into the zombie-like patterns of New York City residents.

Every once in a while I find a video like this one by Andrew Clancy who has put together tid-bits of film from being around New York City and I am immediately reminded of why I love living here.


Or this one by Sam O’Hare;


Sometimes I see pictures that remind me how beautiful this city is and can be.

 So the next time you feel crammed, squished, rushed, or bothered by daily life in New York remember these images or watch these videos for a brief reminder of what makes New York one of the greatest cities in the world.