Julia Child

Happy Birthday Julia! (From Google)

Hi All!
We’ve been on an extended summer hiatus but we’ll commence regular blogging soon! We have lots of fun adventures, restaurants, getaways, and craft projects to share but to start us back up again we thought we’d share this GEM.

In celebration of what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday, PBS Digital Studios put together a “remixed” version of Julia Child video shorts.

We love it and hope you do too!

PBS Digital is genius! Check this video out too!

Love Locks

Photo courtesy of Laura Dudley

Laura has been quite the travel bug this summer (more on that soon). At the beginning of June she visited her once upon a time home, Russia. We’ll throw together another post of her musings around the city but we wanted to highlight the love lock trees in Moscow. These ‘trees’ are home to hundreds of padlocks that are inscribed with the names and wedding dates of happy couples.
How cute!

Photo courtesy of Laura Dudley

Originally couples would attach their padlock of love to any bridge or fence to publicly display their forever love. In order to quell the random appearances of padlocks here and there officials set up ‘trees’ along a bridge over the Vodootvodny Canal in Moscow where lovers (and their locks) could gather.

Photo courtesy of Laura Dudley

Apparently love locks are not solely a Russian tradition. Check out these other places where locks of love can be found! (We love that the blog post on international love locks comes from a locksmiths blog. How awesome!)

Wednesday Wishlist

We can’t believe that we haven’t done a beach day post! Serena has been running off to the beach any chance she gets and overtime has accumulated a hefty wishlist of beach amenities (and an awesome tan!). We’ve been a little lax on our ‘weekender’ series but look out for a beach post of places to escape to near NYC.

Here’s the dream beach set-up:

Surf’s Up!

1. Easy to spot beach umbrella! (This isn’t necessarily unique but its cute!)

2. Bright beach towel for baking-in-the-sun lounging

3. Sunglasses. A beach MUST.

4. Wicker beach chair! With a roof! This might be hard to lug around but it looks awesome!

5. Beach wine glass holders; stick them in the sand and get your drink on!

6. OR this awesome bamboo table for beachy drinks and snacks

7. *Cute* summer swimsuit that shows off your curves from Old Navy

8. Waterproof iPhone case for crazy underwater pics! Seen here.

Prick, Pop, Pic

How awesome are these photos?

Design Beep gathered a bunch of images that use high speed photography showing water balloons mid-pop. Pretty rad.

Who wouldda thunk?

3 water balloon burst 1

With a heat wave whisking through New York in the last couple weeks, all we’ve wanted was to throw around a couple of water balloons. Or maybe run through the sprinklers (or fire hydrants). Well, pretty much anything to stay cool!

I love the marker idea. I’d be pretty neat to see the same series of photos with colored water.

Check out some other unbelievable high speed photography here and here.

Stay cool!

And the Winner is…

If you didn’t win, don’t get upset! Since the rice krispies were the OBVIOUS giveaway favorite all of those who participated will receive a little gift package with some krispies! Please send your mailing address to sedentaryart@gmail.com. The sooner we get your address the sooner you’ll receive your krispie-goodness!

Also, there will be another “summer picnic” themed giveaway at the end of the month.

Thanks for playing!!

Sedentary Summer Giveaway!

We know we teased you a bit with the giveaway (sorry!) but it starts now!

The Sedentary Summer Giveaway will include…

* Two white hanging mason jar vases
* Three heart, star, or circle chains
* A dozen rice krispie treats
(Or you can elect  to receive a mason jar
with all of the ingredients and the recipe!)
* A set of four colorblock, wooden spoons
* A colorblock bowl
* A couple of spools of washi tape
* A set of five homemade cards
* Packaged in a basket from the flower district


Here’s how it works:

In order to enter you must comment on the Sedentary Summer Giveaway post and like our *brand new* facebook page (that counts as one entry). You can also enter an additional three times by sharing The Art of Being Sedentary on your facebook status, twitter, on your blog (or someone else’s) or emailing the link to friends (make sure to cc: sedentaryart@gmail.com).

Let us know how you shared the giveaway with your friends!

A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, July 2nd!

If you aren’t the lucky winner this time there will be another summer giveaway at the end of July AND all those that participate will receive two handmade cards!

Get ready. Get set. Go!

Tennis Love

Over at nosurefooting, Utts has expressed her unwavering love for the art and sport of tennis. Serena, although not as dedicated as Utts, also loves the sport. The players’ dedication to the sport, their displays strength, and undeviating determination makes them all fighters. That might all sound a little melodramatic but when you watch a game like this one or this one the concentration and skill showcased by each player is completely mesmerizing.

Saturday morning, Maria Sharapova dominated the women’s singles final by becoming WTA’s #1 female tennis player and achieved a career grand slam.

Her reaction to the win was beautiful.

 This morning was the men’s singles final and what a beautiful win it was!
Where there is Rafa there is love.

Watch Tennis. Play Tennis. Love Tennis.

Ps. Our first summer giveaway starts this week… Get ready!